Dr Eial Makori (Dental Surgeon)

Eial ( Max ) Makori , has been working as a private cosmetic dentist for close to 10 years, and has a passion for designing and creating beautiful, natural smiles that not only look great but last a long time.

Max believes in continuing education and to always be up-to-date with the latest techniques and skills and therefore continually attends courses detailing the latest techniques and learning from other like-minded colleagues.

Max has completed a 1 year implant course and a 1 year cosmetic smile course, he is an associate member of the British Academy of aesthetic dentistry.

Max practices in a very conservative nature an often will chose to build a tooth up directly in the mouth using high quality composite material, thus eliminating the need for crowns. Or to create a Painless Smile Make Over change by means of teeth whitening and direct composite (tooth coloured restorations) build ups on front teeth without the need for drilling or injections.

Max's passion also lies in surgical dentistry and rehabilitation dentistry, and has a vast experience and knowledge in restoring heavily broken down dentition to a healthy , natural looking functional dentition .

Max's ethos is to treat all his patients as just the way he would like to be treated , ensuring his utmost attention and care at all times .

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