Holistic approach / health / posture / nutrition

Our aim at the Highgate Dental Practice is to provide comprehensive care for our clients. We not only provide high quality dental care through a multidisciplinary approach with our team of dentists and specialists but we also look at other aspects of your health and maintenance program.

At our initial consultation (which takes 45 minutes) we will discuss your dental needs and also look at your general well being including back and posture issues, energy levels, your nutrition and your stress levels.

We take many referrals from Kitty Campion from the famous Campion clinic. She is the author of nine different books on natural health care.


We also have close links with two highly regarded nutritional therapists. If we feel you could benefit we will refer you to either of them for advice and treatment.

If we identify back/posture issues we would recommend a treatment program with a locally based studio who specialise in corrective postural therapy. We have had wonderful results with our clients who have suffered with back and work related posture issues. www.aayou.co.uk


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