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Straight Teeth in 6 Months

Straight Teeth in 6 Months
Achieve your perfect smile in as little as 6 months

Nearly Invisible Braces

Nearly Invisible Braces
Invisalign is the discreet option, practically invisible

Pay Monthly At 0% Interest

Pay Monthly At 0% Interest
Spread the cost of Invisalign treatment with monthly payments

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the brand name of a type of thin clear aligner used in orthodontic treatment. The aligner is made from a flexible thermoplastic material named SmartTrack.

From simple fixes to the most complex of cases, Invisalign clear aligners can help. Make an appointment with one of our a specially trained Invisalign Doctors. They’ll carry out an assessment and discuss your treatment options with you. See if Invisalign Treatment could be right for you.

What is Invisalign?
Why choose Invisalign?

Why choose Invisalign?

  • Low visibility – hardly anyone will notice them.
  • Removable – Invisalign can be removed for meals and special occasions.
  • Healthy – removing the aligners allows for normal brushing, so it’s easier to maintain oral health during treatment.
  • Comfortable – no metal brackets or wires to irritate your gums oryour mouth.
  • Confidence – no highly visible metal brackets means you’ll smile more – you’ll feel more relaxed and less stressed during treatment.

Meet A Highgate Dental Invisalign Patient


The Invisalign Journey

Six steps to a new smile

Invisalign Consultation

Start by booking an Invisalign Consultation with one of our Invisalign providers here at the Highgate Dental Practice. Your Invisalign provider will confirm that you are eligible for treatment.

Digital Scan

Your Invisalign doctor will take fast and precise 3D digital scans of your teeth using the state-of-the-art iTero element scanner and will work with you to map out a custom treatment plan that you are happy with.


We’ll use your digital scan to map out the proposed movement of your teeth. You will see an animation of both your expected month-to-month progress and the final results of how we expect your smile will be.

Aligner Fitting

Once we receive your first aligners from the Invisalign lab, we’ll fit them for you and make sure they are comfortable. Small clear attachments may be fixed to your teeth speed up your progress.

Wear Your Aligners

After being custom made and shipped to our office you will receive a series of aligners to wear every day and to change at home-on average every 1-2 weeks. You will visit us every 6-8 weeks to monitor the progress and to receive new aligners.

Your New Smile is Complete

After you finish your last set of aligners, your beautiful new smile will be complete. Retainers should be worn after your treatment is finished to keep your teeth straight and in place.

Why is Invisalign treatment different?

  • Only Invisalign uses SmartTrack material which controls tooth movement with precision, comfort and predictability.
  • Say goodbye to old-fashioned, messy dental putty impressions. We use our cutting-edge iTero scanner to create a 3D digital image of your teeth that you can see in real time and with no need for X-rays or biting into dental impression trays.
  • Custom-made aligners are made using state-of- the-art 3D printing technology, moving your teeth gently and efficiently.
  • ClinCheck technology technologically maps your entire Invisalign Journey so you can see what your new smile will look like even before the journey begins.
Why is Invisalign treatment different?


Watch video all about Invisalign

Invisalign FAQs

At what age can you start Invisalign treatment?

We have been treating pre-teens and teenagers with Invisalign. Three million teenagers worldwide have straightened their teeth with Invisalign treatment thanks to our cutting-edge technology. At the initial consultation, your Invisalign trained dentist can first help you visualise with the iTero scanning tool, showing 3D digital images of your child’s teeth.

Then, they will use ClinCheck software to map the route to your child’s smile from the very start. Your child can go from just imagining their straighter teeth to seeing them.

Here at The Highgate Dental Practice one of our experienced dentists can advise you on a cosmetic dental treatment of your choice and suitability. We strongly believe on minimal intervention approach, treating your child/teen with Invisalign.

Do I wear the aligners all the time?

To optimise treatment time we advise that you wear the retainers 22 hour per day only removing them for eating and tooth brushing. When you eat or drink something you should remove the retainers first and then clean them before replacing them.

Is Invisalign a good alternative to traditional orthodontic treatment?

Yes! Invisalign technology has changed significantly in the past few years and most traditional orthodontic treatment can now be done with Invisalign.

How much does Invisalign cost?

Treatments start from around £2,500 and can go up to £5,000 depending on the type of Invisalign aligners you need and the complexity of the issues with your teeth. At The Highgate Dental Practice we believe in transparent pricing, so your dentist will always explain costs in full before beginning any treatment.

Your will not pay all the fees upfront. The fees are spread over the period of treatment after the initial deposit is paid.

How long does Invisalign take?

Treatment times vary depending on the complexity of the treatments. The shortest treatment would be around 14 weeks and then more complex treatments would take around 8 months to 2 years.

What does Invisalign Cost?

Following a consultation we will always provide you with a treatment plan that aims to achieve your objectives. We take you through the benefits and drawbacks of Invisalign and advise on whether it is right for you.

Invisalign Consultation £150
Invisalign Treatment From £2,500 - £5,000

We also offer finance options that help spread fees in manageable ways, just ask at reception for more details or book a consultation with our friendly Treatment Coordinator.

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