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Acid erosion of dental enamel

Acid erosion of dental enamel

Acid erosion of dental enamel
Highgate Dental Practice
06, Jun 2017

Dental Enamel Acid Erosion common nowadays and usually related to environmental factors, with fizzy drinks including sparkling water posing a risk. Even a healthy diet can result in enamel erosion.

Tooth erosion happens when acids wear away the enamel on teeth. Enamel erosion can be caused by the following:

  • Excessive soft drink consumption (high levels of phosphoric and citric acids)
  • Fruit drinks (some acids in fruit drinks are more erosive than battery acid)
  • Dry mouth or low salivary flow (xerostomia)
  • Diet (high in sugar and starches)
  • Acid reflux disease (GERD)
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Medications (aspirin, antihistamines)
  • Genetics (inherited conditions)
  • Environmental factors (friction, wear and tear, stress, and corrosion)

Case Study:

Patient: Young male

Age: 21

Problem: Presented with acid erosion damage to the front teeth.

Reason: Excessive consumption of fizzy drinks when younger

Symptoms: Teeth are sensitive and patient feels his teeth are getting smaller.

Acid Erosion Before Before
Acid Erosion After After


Following our clinical and radio-graphical assessment we decided that restoring his teeth by fitting preparation-free porcelain veneers would be a suitable option. As his teeth had reduced somewhat in size due to the erosion porcelain veneers would replace the missing enamel and restore the eroded teeth to their original size.

Please note that the treatment was done without the need for injections and drilling. We took accurate impressions of his teeth and then fitted the veneers at a later date.

For this case we only treated the four upper incisors as the rest of the teeth had not suffered acid wear to the same extent.

The outcome was very successful and the front teeth are now protected.

At the Highgate Dental Practice we choose and plan our smile design cases following our strict protocol of not drilling healthy teeth. Our smile design pathways include drill free veneers, cosmetic contouring with composites, tooth whitening and also orthodontic treatment.

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