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What is Composite Re-contouring?

What is Composite Re-contouring?

What is Composite Re-contouring?
Highgate Dental Practice
17, Apr 2017

Costly porcelain veneers are not always necessary to create a beautiful smile. When we plan a Smile-design we will look at all aspects of the individual case and plan the treatment accordingly.
Here at Highgatesmiles our aim is to preserve the natural teeth. We are not a smile design clinic where healthy tooth enamel is drilled to make space for porcelain veneers. We will carefully select our cases and always plan our treatment with natural tooth preservation in mind.

This approach becomes even more important when we create smiles for our younger patients. We will avoid planning any smile makeover if the planned treatment would involve drilling natural enamel. Our doctors have therefor developed a treatment protocol using composite adhesive techniques. We call it composite re-contouring. We often use this technique in younger teenage patients who are unhappy with their smiles.

Treatment protocol for Composite Contouring Smile Design – NO DRILLING OR INJECTIONS


We will discuss your needs and issues that you have with your smile. At this appointment we can do an in situ “mock up” to show you what we can achieve. We will add some composite to the problem areas like dark triangles, gaps or angled teeth and take before and after photos to show you the difference.


The teeth to be treated are cleaned, polished and etched. Dental adhesive bonds are then painted onto the tooth surface. We use shades and colors from the HFO range of composites to mimic dentine and enamel. Composites are used to build, reshape and contour the teeth. The treatment is non-invasive and no drilling is involved.

Case Studies:

Case 1: Female / Age: 17

Before Before
After After

This young lady was unhappy with the gaps in between the front teeth. The composite contouring treatment technique was used to close the gaps and create an even smile. Before the treatment she was shy and self- conscious about her smile. A few years after the treatment she wrote a letter to thank me for the treatment and how it had changed her confidence. After university she was offered a marketing job with Rolls Royce.

Before Before
After After

She did not have orthodontic treatment when she was younger and wanted to improve her smile. She was very insecure about her appearance and never smiled properly in photos and when she spoke she placed her hand in front of her mouth. For her we had to change the shape and size of her teeth to improve her smile. She loves her smile and is a now confident young lady.

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